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No Matter The Economy, Videos Are Essential

During these times…the times of COVID-19, our economy is struggling, companies are struggling to keep their heads above water, and people are being furloughed and even laid off. Sadly, when the economy turns sour, businesses have to make necessary moves, in order to survive. Having spoken to numerous business owners, ranging from the largest to the smallest, one thing seems to ring true…videos are essential to business success! And one of the biggest complaints and regrets I hear from business owners after the economy recovers is that they didn’t create a video when the economy was down. There’s a reason they feel that way…

When an economy’s good, one can argue that it’s easy to cover the cost of the creation of a video, and it’s easy to open a budget for marketing needs, and even wants. When an economy is good, you’re having a video created for your company so you can “keep up with the competition”, but when the economy is good, many business owners fail to consider that their video is one of MANY.

When the economy is bad, it’s definitely more difficult to cover the cost of the creation of a video, and it’s definitely more difficult to open up the budget for marketing needs…and you can probably forget “wants” entirely, but the power of a video becomes MUCH MORE IMPACTFUL! The reason for this is because less businesses are creating marketing during bad economic times, and less are even concerned with marketing during bad economic times. Part of this is psychology, and part of this is purely not understanding the process nor the power of video. For instance, when an economy turns bad, there are multiple things business owners need to consider…this, of course, can become easier, if you have a “battle plan” in defense of a worst-case-scenario, but let’s pretend you don’t…what do you do then? Well; the first thing you’re wondering is how long you can stay afloat, and HOW you’ll stay afloat. You’re wondering if you have to furlough any employees or lay anyone off. And the bills…they obviously don’t stop. But during this time, the prepared business owner, or the business owner, that immediately takes care of these essentials of defense, begins to take the offensive role. In taking over the offense, you begin to think about how you can ADAPT to the given economy, and how you can help your business succeed. Because, let’s face it; if your business is standing still, it’s dying. So how do you get your business off life support and walking properly again? You market with a video. Worth far more than any radio advertisement, print advertisement, or even social media posting, a video speaks to your demographic directly. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a hundred million. Your demographic WANTS and NEEDS to hear from you! From the creation of a video, you can spread it like wildfire! You can put it to use on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, your website and more, and you reach the globe. You not only reach your demographic, but you reach the globe!

And while anyone can create a video…I mean, you can just create one using your iPhone, if you really wanted to, a professionally done video speaks to volumes never heard before, especially during bad economic times! And if you’re with the right video production company – one that will take care of you like none other, it doesn’t need to break the bank. You see, most people are under the impression that a professionally made video needs to cost a lot…it doesn’t. Our company, for instance, creates EXTREMELY affordable videos for companies CONSTANTLY…without denting the wallet…without hurting the budget…and while working hand-in-hand with our clients. THAT’s the dependability you want…THAT’s the dependability you and your business NEED, especially when the economy is down!

According to Forbes magazine, “The human mind has an inherent unfulfilled need for information and interaction…video is beyond entertainment. It has become a critical component in business, politics, communication, social media and even music.” Video also provides us some amazing statistics, such as the following…

1: 93% of internet users watch online videos (Hootsuite)

2: 57% of millennial consumers watch MORE video ads on social media than on TV (Animoto)

3: Users report consuming video in greater depth than any other type of content, including online classes or educational games (Hubspot)

4: 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl)

5: Daily YouTube watch time exceeds 1 billion hours (YouTube)

6: More 18 to 34 year olds watch YouTube than any TV network (YouTube)

In a good economy, your competition is DEFINITELY creating videos CONSTANTLY, and trying to increase visibility, but in a bad economy, much less are doing it, which leaves the door WIDE OPEN for you to get even more eyes and ears on your message! Consider the fact that most people across the world are stuck at home right now, and over-using their phones, streaming services, and internet, NOW is the perfect time for you to get the offense on the field, and create a video!

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